What is IJ SmartOverlay

SmartOverlay is a successful star solution provided by Ideal Jacobs (Xiamen)Corporation. It is a new overlay panel with intelligent LED indication function. It will enable the user to look straight and check whether the connected circuit is well functioned on the motherboard, this can’t be achieved from the traditional mechanical socket panel. Meanwhile, the relevant function of the motherboard will be transferred to SmartOvelay , during the usage, the problem could be found directly and there is no need to disassemble the equipment, this will not only save maintenance time but also improve the potential design space of the motherboard. And the design of transferring the light source will greatly improve the heat radiation function of the motherboard, which will provide a safer and more reliable working environment for the motherboard.

Smart Overlay
Overlay with electrical circuit
integrate with LED components
Multi-color graphic interface
Engineering Feature
More space released form PCBA by
transferring the LED to Smart Overlay
help to improve the intergration of PCBA function
Decrease the electric heat sources in PCBA Li ght guide move off,more PCB cost saving
Product Feature
Multi-color and even light illumination
Stable and reliable LED indication
Multi-color and multi-function interface
Falme-retardant, multiple textured or embossing interface R&D Support High mix low volume
telecom,optical network